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People don’t need another box, they need a relationship that will journey with them to see the thing God is inspiring come alive.

We foster relationships where it is safe to fall, which also means it is safe to create, experiemnt and have a crack at following Jesus where He is leading.

God doesn't need you, He wants you. You are a gift, and we believe that your participation will mean we are all better for it.

What we do…

The fingers are micro churches. Each one is as unique as the individuals that form them.
The thumb is the resourcing team. Serving the micro churches to follow God where God is leading them.
The palm represents ‘One church’. A space where the different parts of the network can gather and celebrate as one church.
The hole in the centre points to Jesus. His death and resurrection. It is a reminder that no person or thing can fill this hole, only Jesus.

What is Resurrection Network?

Resurrection Network is the local church expressed as a network. A variety of pieces connected through relationship. The hand describes how these different pieces fit together.

We value relationship

With God

With God – leading us to worship

With church

With church – leading us to form church community and connect with other Christian communities.

With the world

With the world – leading us to participate with Jesus in mission.

Get involved