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'There’s the moment when they get it. The 'penny drops' and there is freedom in their own creative experience. Whether they realise God is in that or not, it is a beautiful moment.'

Karel van den Berg

Artistic expression allows us to connect our soul to the divine source of all creativity.

Sister Wendy Beckett

Creativity is the pathway to experience God's presence in a tangible and personal way.

Erwin Raphael McManus


Who’s it for?

Who’s running this?

The core group behind Create consists of three people from 2 churches of Christ in the Blue Mountains. (Pictured below, from left to right: Vanessa Irvine, Debbie Cox and Karel van den Berg).
Resurrection Network and Blaxland CofC partner in the resourcing of this ministry, providing  insurance and safe church policies and practices.

What to Expect

Create Workshops

A guided workshop with a focus on a particular project, technique, or medium. During the workshop the facilitator will share something of their own story in connection with the creative project. Once the group has completed the project there will be time to share afternoon tea and connect with one another about their experience during the creative process.

Creative Play

Unlike the creative workshops there is no set project or process. Participants are encouraged to either bring something along that they are working on at home, or to chose something from the buffet of creative resources provided by the team. Participants are encouraged to bring a plate (afternoon tea) to share with one another. As we eat together there will be a conversation exploring creativity and spirituality.

What’s up next

18th May


For more information call or text:

  • Debbie Cox: 0412245133 or
  • Vanessa Irvine: 0458 367 325

Support Create

The $10 dollar cover charge often does not cover the costs for a Create experience, so if you would like to make a donation please click on the ‘Give’ button below and select ‘Create’ from the drop down menu.