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It isn’t until I get away in silence with just myself and God that I realise how noisy the world is and how much my soul needs this space

Kodie Ninness

In silence and solitude, I get the chance to listen; to myself and God, to clear the fog and locate where I am on the journey through this world.

Ryan Clift

The voice of the one who calls me to come is heard in many different spaces. Woven through my days is a constant tug to let Him draw me close. Here in silence and solitude, where other demands and distractions diminish, I can linger in His creation, together with Jesus the one I love.

Loani Faulcner

The Gift of Silence & Solitude

Who’s it for?

Who’s running this?

The core group behind The Gift of S&S consists of four people scattered across the greater Sydney region, who are all part of churches of Christ in NSW. (Pictured below, from left to right: Loani Falconer,  Ryan Clift, Kodie Ninness, Peter Dalbrun).
Katoomba Light House Church and Resurrection Network partner in the resourcing of this ministry, providing  insurance and safe church policies and practices.

What’s up next

3rd-5th May

For more information or to get in touch email:
Or call Peter Dalbrun: 0410 937 209 or Ryan Clift: 0433 012 577

Ryan reflects on experience from ‘Along walk with Jesus’ retreat.  

Support Gift of S&S

We offer our retreats for free. This is good news to a lot of people. The reason we are able to offer this retreat for free is because previous participants, and others who believe in what we are doing have donated money so that we can continue to offer the experience of silence and solitude for free. If you would like to give please click the button below, and select the ‘Gift of Silence and Solitude’ from the drop down menu.