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Our values


Resurrection is Jesus. The one who has lived, died, and risen to life. Resurrection is ours. We have new life with Jesus when we choose to make Him our lord and saviour, following his way of life and teaching. Resurrection points to the transformative work of God. The pattern of transformation (Life – Death – Resurrection) is repeated over and over again, as God transforms us into who we were created to be. Therefore, we aspire to live in response to Jesus’ resurrection.

Relationship with God

We believe our relationship with God (Father, Son and Spirit) is the central element of our lives, giving meaning, purpose and understanding to everything else. We aspire to open ourselves to the full work of God in our lives, working with the trinity as God does what only God can do in transforming us to become more like them.

Relationship with Church

We aspire to be, and help others form, authentic church communities. Communities where you can be known and know others. You are safe to be vulnerable and share life with others (God, food, Stories, Skills, Gifts, Possessions). Where conflict does not end relationship but is seen as necessary. Ultimately, we value church communities that assist us on our journey from where we are to where God is calling us.

Relationship with the World

Jesus is king and He is on mission to see all creation restored to its intended purpose. He does this by proclaiming and demonstrating that ‘The kingdom of God is here!’ Therefore, we aspire to join Him in this mission, working with God to proclaim and demonstrate who Jesus is, and what His kingdom is like.

The Bible

We have the Bible as our anchor, tethering us to God and His redemptive story, preventing spiritual drift. In them, we find life-giving, soul-enriching and mission-equipping truth. Therefore, we aspire to let the Bible unify us in the essentials of faith, while also providing freedom for exploring the variety of applications in love.

The Journey

None of us have arrived, therefore, we aspire to not arrive this side of heaven. The journey begins where you are, moves toward God, and will end when you die or Jesus returns. We journey with each other and God, marking joys and sorrows along the way.

Priesthood of all believers

We aspire to empower all Christians to embrace their ‘priesthood’ and empower them to serve and contribute to Jesus’ Kingdom, for the benefit of all.

In addition, the below values are not essential, however strongly encouraged.

  • We aspire to be united in Christ but diverse in our function and form.
  • We aspire to ‘Be with Jesus’ before ‘doing for Jesus’.
  • We aspire to embrace creativity in our worship, community life, and missional engagements.
  • We aspire to Contextualise faith in Jesus, so that what we say and do accurately communicates who God is and what the kingdom is about.
  • We aspire to charge each generation with the responsibility to work out their faith in response to scripture and those who have gone before.
  • We aspire to be adventurous as we follow God where he is leading
  • We aspire to be unhurried in our pursuit of God