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What is a Micro Church?

Love the World – expressed through mission. How are we participating with Jesus as He brings His Kingdom today?
Love the church – expressed through community. We need to walk with others as we follow Jesus.
Love God – expressed as worship, defined as our relational response to God.

What is the Resourcing Team?

Ministry Resourcing- this is the relational part of resurrection network that journeys with individuals and communities. From the very beginning, as they listen to God for his invitation, to establishing community and supporting through the day to day, all the way to the end, as a community will eventually end.
Governance team- This is part of the resourcing team that will help the micro churches in the network to meet their legal obligations. Bringing experience and understanding so that micro churches do not get bogged down in tasks that are too much for a

One Church

Spiritual Oversight